It's the night before your book review assignment is due, and you have no idea where to start! Look no further. The library has come to your rescue. Again.

What is a book review?
It is important to understand what a book review is, and what it is not.
A book review is an evaluative assessment of a work printed in a journal, magazine, or newspaper shortly after its publication. Book reviews can be short or long, and they can be written about both fiction and non-fiction works.
A book review is not a comprehensive evaluation of an author's body of work. A book review is not a lengthy investigation or analysis of literary themes. Usually this type of analysis or interpretive work is called literary criticism.

How can I find book reviews?
So glad you asked! Below is a list of starting points and tips for searching each resource. You should find that using the following sources is much more time-effective than doing a general internet search because all of the following resources draw from published and authoritative sources.

(Name and password for remote access are on the main library page)

Gale Student Resource Center
Use the Advanced Search option to select type of document as "Book Review" to instantly narrow your results.

New York Times Historical Newspapers
Search New York Times book reviews back to 1851! The absolute best resource for historical book reviews. Make sure you use the advanced search to select type of document as "Reviews" to narrow your search.

Ebsco Newspaper Source
Search across hundreds of newspapers at once to find book reviews.

Internet Sources

The New York Times Book Review
Sign up for a free membership, or use the generic library name ( and password (micdsrams). Search for reviews published since 1981.
Use only editorial reviews, not user reviews, because editorial reviews have been published in journals and magazines.

The Guardian Book Review
Use the search box to look for reviews in this British newspaper.

Print Sources

Book Review Digest
INDEX 018.1 BOO - INDEX 028.1BOO
You know those dusty books on the study carrels toward the back of the library where the seniors like to hang out and gossip? Those books are actually quite useful! This is our set of Book Review Digest, featuring books published between 1928 and 1996. Before you attempt using them, make sure you know what year the book you need information about was published. Then look in the volume that covers that year and find very old and exciting book reviews! You know where the copier is.