ABC CLIO American History database should be stop number one for this project. There are extended features on almost all of the topics for this project that include primary sources, images, and lengthy articles. Under the eras section there is also a link entitlted Civil War Homefront. When doing general web searching (and looking in the indexes of books) remember to use various keyword searches and not just "Civil War Home Front" Try urbanization, industrialization, desertion, Copperheads, Peace Societies, Industrialized North, Civil War Economy, cash crops, Southern Unionists, etc.

Noodletools Bibliography generator and project organizer

Southern Home Front Documenting the American South

African American Odyssey Library of Congress

Civil War Women from Duke University

Civil War@Smithsonian Civil War era life and culture, adressess industry as well

The South during the War Library of Congress Learning Pages

The North during the War Library of Congress Learning Pages

Wars and the Home Front Library of Congress

Civil War Homefront National Park Service

Civil War and Immigration Spartacus schools

Northern Industry

Disloyalist societies