Your research for this project should include a mix of sources: scholarly journal articles, primary source materials, and magazine/newspaper articles. For scholarly sources try the Gale Student Resource Center In Context or JSTOR. Remember: USE THE ADVANCED SEARCH FEATURE for more control over your searches. Also remember to use the bibliographies of sources that you have consulted to further your research and to collect helpful and "on target" articles.

Also, rely on your keyword vocabulary to formulate your searches. Don't stay locked in on one search term. Vary your searches. So, for example, if you were researching images of women in advertising a different search phrase you could use would be "gender AND advertising" . Brainstorm your topic and come up with synonyms, related terms that will expand your search.

Finally, if you want to limit your internet searches to a specific domain (.edu,.gov, .org etc.) you can in a Google search for example type in the search: gender AND advertising
this will bring back results only from .edu web addresses.

And just for fun check this out: Consumerism The Musical

Ad Access-Duke University Libraries

Emergence of Advertising in America-Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising and Marketing History Duke University

Secret History of the Credit Card- PBS/Frontline

Media Literacy Clearinghouse- Info on retouching of magazine photos, gender issues,Super Bowl Ads, Toy commercials, etc.

Commercial Alert

Advertising Presentations and Exhibitions from the Library of Congress


Making Sense of Ads-History Matters

Is Walmart Good for America-PBS/Frontline

Center for a New American Dream

The Marlboro Man-NPR

The New Ad Age-NPR Tivo, buzz marketing,