There are a lot of resources available for you to research the electorial process. Try some of these:

Library of Congress: Elections the American Way A simple yet authoritative guide to elections are run in America, past and present.

National Archives: Electoral College Confused yet about the Electoral College? Go here to end the confusion. You have to love the archives!

The Senate's election primer Great resource for the nomination process.

Vote-The Machinery of DemocracyEverything you want to know on the history of voting methods, from the Smithsonian

NPR-Presidential nominating process explained Listen to the NPR news broadcast on the nominating process.

Media and Elections This site is a collection of lesson plans on the effect of the media on elections. However there is some good stuff here.

New York Times guide to Election 2008 So much helpful info here.

TechPresident Presidential campaigns for the 21st century.

Campaign Advertising What role does advertising have on who is chosen as our next president?

National Annenberg Election Survey Polling, polling and more polling

Historical presidential elections Lots of primary source materials on elections from 1840-1860

Political factchecking- Excellent site from Annenberg helps you distinguish the facts from the hype.

Election wiki A Librarian created guide that outlines the issues, gives access to news coverage, and tests your knowledge of the candidates.Check out the interactive page.


Census voter information

Statistical Abstract--Census bureau reports on voting

Gallup data

St.Louis County Library- Go to the databases page under Government and select CQ elections. You need a library card number.

Stanford University guide to Elections research

Penn Libraries guide

CITATION of tables/data