If you need more help or guidance on using Diigo, check out the website at Diigo. There is also a helpful video to watch.

Websites: For general information on elements, there are many websites available. These are just a few to get you started. Remember to look for TOECAP sites, or sites that are:

(have) Enough information
(have) the appropriate Purpose

WebElements: Periodic Table of the Elements Gives basic information about each element.

Dynamic Periodic Table Links automatically to Wikipedia entry on each element. You can use the table to swap data or visualize trends. To see all the features of this interactive site, go here.

A Periodic Table of the Elements Click on each element for History, Sources, Properties, Uses, and Cost.

Just for fun: They Might Be Giants sing "Meet the Elements" in this Youtube video.

Books: We have several great book resources on elements as well. These are really good starting places, although some of the books also have in-depth information. Check the catalog for more resources.
546 BAL The Elements, by Philip Ball
546 EMS Nature's Building Blocks: An A-Z Guide to the Elements, by John Emsley
546 EDE The Chemical Element, Andrew Ede
546 MIL The Elements: What You Really Want to Know, by Ron Miller
546.8 DIN The Periodic Table: Elements with Style, by Basher

Databases: Once you have basic information on your topic, you are expected to find more detailed, in-depth information. You may have better luck finding this kind of information on databases. Your teachers expect you to look for articles from scientific journals using databases. Try searching for your element as a subject, and don't forget to look at related terms on the sidebar to the left. You can annotate articles using Diigo to share them, email them, or print them. Just don't forget to note the citation information!

Gale Student Resource Center For more general information from popular magazines, like Time or Scientific American.

Gale Science Resource Center Includes more scholarly scientific journals. Articles are categorized by difficulty.