As an MICDS student, you often have multimedia projects to complete, from blogs to websites to wikis and imovies. You need to find images. Fast. And not just any old images, but images that you can use legally. That means not picking the first image you see on Google images!

Image Generators
Create your own images, fast! Just add words.
Image Chef Ms. Voss's personal favorite. Just click "Get Started," choose an image you like and fix it up, right click it and save to your file.
Text2Pic No so easy on the eyes, but contains a wealth of templates to put text into
Graffiti Creator
Newspaper Generator
AmazType Ridiculously cool for book-lovers. Type in a word and see what happens.
Catalog Card Generator For nerds and librarians ONLY. Create your own perfect catalog card.

Photo Enhancement
Upload and tweak your own pictures to make them more fun. More funner?
MagMyPic Upload your own photos and make them look like magazine covers.
Picnik Create great effects with your photos.
Dumpr Turn your photo into a rubik's cube, a sketch, a stone mosaic, and more.
Flickr Toys Having fun with photos since 2005

Cartoon Generators
PimPamPum Love this. Create cartoons from Flickr images.

Copyright-Friendly Images
If you choose not to create your own images, you should look for images that artists and photographers WANT to share--freely, without their permission. When using images from the sites below, double-check to make sure that the owners of the images are willing to share them freely--some may have minor restrictions. Note: you still need to cite where you find these images!! Use the following sites to find these kinds of images.

morgueFile All free images. No thinking involved.
Creative Commons A way to search for images and media that have creative commons licenses. Be careful, though! Creative Commons does not take responsibility for the results. YOU STILL HAVE TO READ THE FINE PRINT.
Flickr: Creative Commons Our favorite way to search Creative Commons images--through Flickr. This page explains the different types of rights that owners maintain over their images. Again, make sure you only use images with an appropriate license.
Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web
Great, searchable collection of image exhibitions. "You may download low-resolution images directly from the web site for personal, research or study purposes for free. This includes classroom use and student projects."
Make sure you use the "safe search" so you don't come across any unsavory images.
Copyright-Friendly Images and Sound
Another school librarian's excellent list of places to go for freely shared images and sound.
A great tool for analyzing image license and embedding images on websites.

Historical Images
Many images are in the public domain because of their age or owner, meaning that you can use them freely. Again, these sites are great places to start looking.
American Memory The motherload of free primary source material. Know it. Search it. Love it.

Many of our databases contain images or art that you can use as long as you cite it!